Popular Types of Diets in 2019: Alkaline, Keto, Mediterranean Diet Benefits

Popular Types of Diets in 2019: Alkaline, Keto, Mediterranean Diet Benefits

Posted by Viviana Aguilar, Health Coach on Apr 18th 2019

So, you're thinking about going on a diet. Or, at the very least, you just want to know more about the types of diets out there. Because many of today's most popular diets involve either restricting or increasing consumption of particular food groups, it is worth noting that everybody's bodies are different. I'm not claiming you will have miracle results with these diets, but diets such as the Alkaline, Keto, and Mediterranean diets have certainly worked for many others, and there is evidence as to why.

In a recent post, we explored how certain people are living much longer than others. What the researcher discovered was that a lot of what contributed to a longer life was related to what people were eating. There is no doubt that diets high in anti-inflammatory foods are great for you. But what about the other popular types of diets we see all over the internet and social media? Let's go over what exactly some of these diets are as well as their pros and cons.

Types of Popular Diets in 2019

  • Ketogenic Diet (also known as Keto Diet)
  • Alkaline Diet
  • Mediterranean Diet
  • Daniel Diet/Daniel Fast
  • CICO Diet

Keto Diet

What it is: The Keto Diet operates on the basis of launching your body into the fat-burning state of ketosis and keeping it there. This is achieved by cutting carbs and introducing more fats into your diet. Keto is essentially the 2019 version of the Atkins Diet, as the two share quite a few similarities.

Pros: When your body is in ketosis, it burns fat instead of carbohydrates, making it an effective way to lose weight initially.

Cons: Eating such a limited diet can result in lower energy levels, and entering ketosis can produce flu-like symptoms, also known as "the keto flu." To bypass these cons, supplement your keto diet with Keto Support capsules twice a day.

Alkaline Diet

What it is: Also known as the acid-alkaline diet or alkaline ash diet, the Alkaline Diet follows the assumption that you can change the pH levels of your blood with what you eat. It is said that keeping a urine pH level of 7 or higher (alkaline) is the goal of this diet, which means restricting junk foods and eating lots of fruits and vegetables.

Pros: The diet encourages general healthy eating, which can form a great wellness habit for weight loss.

Cons: The alkaline diet is largely unconfirmed and is based on very mixed data. 

Mediterranean Diet

What it is: Perhaps one of the most-researched types of diets, the Mediterranean Diet has been popular for decades. Stemming from the Mediterranean countries that eat diets primarily high in fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, potatoes, breads, and other whole foods.

Pros: The Mediterranean Diet is consistently ranked one of the best diets for overall wellness and it can lead to a longer life. The large consumption of fish is a great source of omega-3s.

Cons: It is easy to plateau with your weight loss on this diet. To ensure you're losing weight steadily, try supplementing with Garcinia Combogia.

Daniel Fast

What it is: The Daniel Fast is taken from The Bible (the Book of Daniel). In the story, Daniel In the story, decides to avoid the indulgent foods that surround him and have “nothing but vegetables to eat and water to drink” for 10 days. It is a short-term "fast" people–religious or not—use to cleanse their bodies and reaffirm focus.

Pros: Weight loss is common on the Daniel Fast because so many foods and beverages are restricted. Additionally, you can apply the discipline and focus to other areas of your life.

Cons: Traditionally this is a short-term diet and not sustainable for a long-term weight loss regimen. If you do use it for a short time to re-focus on your wellness, try supplementing with appetite suppressants to help the process go smoother.


What it is: The CICO Diet is pretty simple: It stands for "calories in, calories out." Basically, you calculate your daily calorie needs, track all the calories you eat and drink in a day, and make sure you exercise to burn through more calories than you're eating.

Pros: CICO isn't restrictive, which feels a lot more freeing than other types of diets. You can eat whatever you want as long as you burn enough calories each day.

Cons: It can be tough to hold yourself accountable and stick to it, especially if you can't commit to working out steadily. Additionally, it's hard to track every single thing you consume!

Dieting can be helpful for weight loss and overall wellness if you do it properly and listen to your body. Additionally, listen to your doctor. The Keto Diet won't work for everyone, and neither will the Mediterranean Diet. Weight loss and management is an individual journey that differs for everyone. Remember to diet safely, especially if you are restricting certain food groups. It is advised to  take supplements with many of today's popular diets so that you can not only sustain your diet but also make it more effective! We have lot 


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