7 Benefits of Collagen & Why You Need To Start Taking it Today

7 Benefits of Collagen & Why You Need To Start Taking it Today

Posted by Viviana Aguilar, Health Coach on May 30th 2019

Collagen is a hot topic in the beauty and wellness spheres today. Everybody—from Facebook friends to A-list celebrities—seems to be heralding the protein as a skin savior and gut-health hero, but all this buzz might make one skeptical. Are you wondering what collagen is and what the benefits of collagen are? In this article, we'll break down all the proposed benefits of collagen and why taking collagen peptides might be the solution you always needed.

What is collagen?

First, let's introduce you to the protein called collagen. Collagen is a fibrous protein that our bodies create—it's required for a variety of vital biological processes. It's so important, in fact, that collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It's the building block for your hair, nails, skin, ligaments, tendons, bones, and more. Basically, collagen builds the framework for your body, so anytime you move, you can be thankful that collagen made it possible.

So, why do I need more collagen?

You're probably wondering why you should buy collagen peptides and take the protein as a supplement. After all, if it's the most abundant protein in the human body, you've probably got enough, right? Not quite. See, recent reserch has uncovered that, as we age and our bodies undergo stress, our collagen production declines. So, you may need a little help maintaining healthy collagen levels, especially if you want to reach optimal wellness.

While many of the benefits of collagen often cited are beauty-related, don't be mistaken: the benefits of collagen go much deeper than just what your skin looks like. Read on to see how collagen peptides can improve your wellness.

  (Yes, WPN Supplements sells collagen, but that does not take away from our immense belief in the product and what collagen peptides can do for the human body. But don't take our word for it—keep reading below or try it yourself!)

7 Benefits of Collagen

1. Collagen improves joint, ligament, and tendon health

Your cartilage weakens and deteriorates with age, and as a result, you may start to feel that your joints are stiff and achy. Because collagen is the scaffolding for the soft tissue in your body, it makes sense that adding more of it can improve your joint, tendon, and ligament health. Especially when these proteins break down over time, your body wants them to be replenished for optimum performance. Taking collagen peptide supplements after a workout can help repair these body parts and reduce your aches and pains. Try the Joint Pain Combo Pack for wraparound support.

2. Collagen helps build muscle

While we don't have long-term, large-scale studies on the subject, the research we do have on collagen building muscle can be promising for avid runners or gym lovers. According to one  study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, supplementing with collagen peptides plus resistance training was shown to increase muscle mass and muscle strength in men.

3. Collagen may reverse skin aging

Hoping to keep that youthful glow as long as possible (or perhaps revive it)? Many people swear by collagen supplements to help them tighten the appearance of the skin. If aging skin is a big concern of yours, collagen could be the natural, affordable answer you've been looking for.

4. Collagen might help burn fat

If weight loss is a part of your wellness plan, you might like to know that collagen can be the key to your success.  Many studies have been conducted on the subject, with an underlying theme being that collagen helped participants stay fuller longer. As we know, eating protein-rich foods also helps with promoting satiety (feeling full), so it is not surprising to hear that the collagen protein may assist with satiety as well. If you really want to kickstart your weight loss journey, we recommend pairing collagen peptides with other supplements that support healthy weight loss.

5. Collagen may reduce cellulite

It's normal to want to erase your cellulite—it's one of the most common gripes for women over a certain age. And while cellulite is not proven to reduce cellulite, it's not disproven either. If you're curious about using collagen to reduce cellulite, consider buying it to treat an additional benefit in case it does not cure your cellulite.

6. Collagen may improve digestive health

Thinking about trying an  anti-inflammatory diet to improve your gut health? You may also want to work collagen peptides into your diet. Most of the research around gut microbiome and collagen thus far is still in early stages, but there is some evidence that amino acids in collagen might reduce inflammation in conditions such as IBS. The evidence suggests it can also improve your digestion. Basically, research so far is showing a correlation between diminished collagen levels and increased irritable bowel syndrome. Plus, healthy collagen levels have helped to regulate guy acidity, and collagen supplements might even be able to heal the stomach lining.

7. Collagen improves hair, skin, and nail health

We start losing collagen in our faces in our 20s, making the skin looser and less "attractive" to some. That's why many people are turning to collagen to promote  skin elasticity and moisture, thus erasing some of those signs of facial aging. Another study shows that collagen supplementation can reduce brittle nail symptoms and improves nail growth.

For complete nail, skin, and nail support,  try this combo pack of supplements.

How to Work Collagen Into Your Diet

With all the proposed benefits of collagen, it's silly not to try collagen peptide supplements yourself! And luckily, it's super easy to work this supplement into your daily lifestyle. Here are some of our favorite ways to consume collagen for better overall wellness. 

For your collagen peptides, mix in one scoop of collagen peptides once daily or as directed by a healthcare professional.

  • Try it in coffee or a fresh smoothie!
  • Mix collagen in with oatmeal, soups, or sauces.
  • Add it into a variety of recipes.

All you need to get started is one thing: Collagen peptide supplements!  Click here to purchase WPN's highly trusted, 100% pure Collagen Peptides for under $20.


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