7 Ways to Get Rid of a Migraine Naturally

7 Ways to Get Rid of a Migraine Naturally

Posted by Viviana Aguilar, Health Coach on May 10th 2019

Migraine sufferers know that the stinging pain of a migraine can be debilitating. And those who suffer from chronic migraines know that the disease can really take a toll on your lifestyle. Chronic migraines are defined to include at least eight migraine days per month or a total of 15 or more migraine and headache days per month. (A headache day means your headache lasted four hours or more.) While there are many proposed solutions for alleviating migraine pain, not everybody wants to pay for prescription pills. Not only that, but if you're looking for a more organic way to treat your migraines, you may be hoping there are ways to get rid of a migraine naturally.

Today, we've pulled together seven of the best ways to get rid of a migraine naturally, based on others' experiences and successes with the treatments. As you have probably realized, your migraines are different from those of other sufferers—your triggers vary, your pain tolerance varies, and what works for you can vary. Though this is true, studies have shown that certain body deficiencies can trigger migraines, and natural remedies may be your answer.

If you're like many other migraine sufferers, chances are you're willing to try just about anything to stop the throbbing pain and take your life back. Getting rid of a migraine naturally would be a dream come true for many, so if you're open to new treatment methods, try some of the below ways to naturally eradicate a migraine.

Methods to Get Rid of a Migraine Naturally

1. Use essential oils

Essential oils, highly concentrated scents made of plant compounds, can be used for a variety of things. One of those things, as studies have shown, is treating migraines! Specifically, peppermint and lavender essential oils are great for getting rid of a migraine naturally.

Either rub peppermint oil on your temples to treat tension headache symptoms, or put a dash of lavender essential oil above your upper lip to inhale it to relieve migraine pain and symptoms.

2. Try magnesium

Trade your prescription pills for magnesium vitamins and see if you notice a difference. Many migraine sufferers have been using magnesium to treat their pain with great success. Why? This important mineral is necessary for many bodily functions, such as blood sugar control and nerve transmission. Evidence suggests that a magnesium deficiency could be the culprit—it's more common in people who get frequent migraines, compared to those who don’t.

Studies have shown that taking 600 mg of oral magnesium citrate per day helped reduce both the frequency and severity of migraine headaches. Unfortunately, though, taking magnesium supplements can cause digestive side effects in some people. If you're known to have a weak stomach or you want to play it safe, start with a smaller dose than 600 mg and work your way up as needed to get rid of your migraine.

3. Drink water

It may sound like a no-brainer, but drinking water can alleviate migraine and headache pain within 30 minutes to three hours if the cause is dehydration. Studies have shown that chronic dehydration is a common cause of tension headaches and migraines. If you have trouble drinking enough water during the day to prevent dehydration-related migraines, try eating foods rich in water such as lettuce, cucumbers, and watermelon.

4. Find a food culprit

Migraine triggers can range the gamut, and unfortunately, certain foods and ingredients can be the culprit for the head pain. If you don't already, keep a journal of when your migraines occur plus everything you ate and drank in the 24 hours leading up to it. You may see some recurring foods or substances. Slowly eliminate one thing at a time in an elimination diet to find the food culprit. Sometimes, simple avoidance of the food trigger is all you need to prevent migraines from happening.

5. Seek herbal assistance

When it comes to getting rid of a migraine naturally, herbal remedies are an immediate thought. But, which ones are best? Butterbur and feverfew (pictured above) are two herbs that are known to have anti-inflammatory effects. Many studies have shown that taking butterbur extract in 50-150 mg doses reduces headache symptoms in both adults and children.

But be careful with butterbur: unpurified forms can cause liver damage, and the effects of long-term use are still unknown. Feverfew, on the other hand, is generally considered safe if it is taken in recommended amounts.

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6. Exercise

To some migraine sufferers, exercising sounds like the least enjoyable way to get rid of a migraine. To others, though, it could be just the trick they need to find relief.

In terms of reducing headache frequency, a study of 91 people found that 40 minutes of indoor cycling three times per week was more effective than relaxation techniques. Another much larger study, including more than 92,000 people, showed that a low level of physical activity was clearly associated with an increased risk of headaches. Thus, the more you exercise, the less likely you are to suffer from headaches. The good news is, exercise can boost your overall wellness in many other ways, so it can be seen as a multi-solution activity. 

7. Try ginger tea

Did you know the ginger root contains many beneficial compounds for the body? These antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances can help with your migraine pain and the associated symptoms.

One study that included 100 people with chronic migraines found that 250 mg of ginger powder was as effective as the conventional headache medication sumatriptan. So if you're tired of paying for prescriptions, ginger tea could be a great way to get rid of a migraine naturally.

Ginger also helps reduce nausea and vomiting which migraine sufferers are all too familiar with. Take ginger powder either in capsule form or make a strong tea with fresh ginger root.

Migraines and severe headaches are never fun, but as you get to know your body and what it reacts to, hopefully you are closer to uncovering what your migraine triggers are and how to prevent migraines naturally. Wellness is a full-circle concept—what you do with your body and what you put into can have so many effects on the way you feel! I hope that at least one of these tricks to get rid of a migraine naturally work for you. If you want more wellness tips and information, be sure to join our mailing list! You will get informative articles about how to live your best life delivered straight to your inbox.


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