About Us


Who We Are

Founded in the United States as a dietary supplement company, WPN has an extensive network of national and international distributors. We have subsidiaries in Argentina, Guatemala, Venezuela,  and Ecuador.

Our motto Wellness Plus Nutrition (Wellness Plus Nutrition) seeks to incorporate healthy habits into our customers' diets, helping them to develop a lifestyle that promotes health, wholeness, self-acceptance and healing. 

Achieving a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be complicated or stressful.

The commitment of WPN is the constant search for new alternatives to achieve a comprehensive welfare state, developing new products, innovating, using ingredients and raw materials of the best quality.

Our story

WPN is like a family business but created by lifelong friends. It was the realization of a dream we had since our time of college students. Working life led us on different paths, from working in a multinational mass consumption company, leading an NGO whose main mission is to prevent accidents and save lives, and to lead a company providing the pharmaceutical industry.

We were nurtured through the years of the best of each of these industries. All that learning path was instrumental in founding WPN.

The goal of WPN since its foundation was to help people lead healthier lives.